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BH Emotion - Neo 650B

$3299 rrp
We Will Beat ANY Price 
The NEO Easy Motion electric bikes are unique. Their exclusive design, patented by BH, integrates a powerful extractable battery into the frame so you can ride for more kilometres with full autonomy.
BH Emotion Neo 650b

650B The New Standard

So why 650B? The people behind the 650B movement claim that with 650B tires you get all of the same advantages of the 29" movement (lower rolling resistance, better traction, smoother ride, etc.) with less of the disadvantages (geometry limitations, toe clearance issues, higher center of gravity, suspension travel limitations). The BH Emotion Neo 650B uses the latest in wheel technology to keep you rolling!.

Battle the Streets

With comfortable front shocks and a frame built to take a knock you can assault almost any terrain on this BH Neo 650B electric bike. BH electric bikes are a fantastic mobility tool for the everyday commuter, recreational rider looking to improve their health, local environment and gain sustainable transportation independence. Dolomiti is delighted to introduce E-Motion electric bikes to Melbourne and look forward to seeing you at our electric bike only store in Carlton.

Purchase with Confidence

The BH E-Motion Neo 650B comes with a two year warranty on its battery and frame components. Your first service of the BH electric bikes comes free from Dolomiti. Dolomiti eBikes provide an unparalleled after sales experience including courtesy electric bikes. Our experienced electric bike technicians are experts on all electric bikes.